Friday, 11 May 2012

Bathroom Furniture Faux-Pas – How to get it Right!

Nothing can dampen the look of a bathroom quite like a bathroom furniture faux-pas. Bathroom furniture mistakes can be summarised in various different ways but are mostly furniture pieces that simply ruin the overall look of the bathroom. Furniture that is broken, out of date or simply unsightly can instantly age the look of a bathroom – even if the surrounding decor and bath suite is actually quite modern. However, fear not, if your bathroom features a furniture blunder, there are ways that you can fix this and and refresh your bathroom setting with quality bathroom furniture in the process.

One of the main bathroom furniture faux-pas is broken furniture. Usually as a result of overfilling drawers, shelves and storage units with a serious amount of bathroom clutter, the wear and tear of filling units over time can cause drawers to break off or doors to snap at their hinges. Once bathroom furniture becomes broken it gives the bathroom a dated look. Another negative impact of broken furniture is that if any storage units become broken then the clutter that you had initially tidied neatly away will become exposed to give off a messy vibe to the room.

To combat this untidy look, it is best to fix any broken units as soon as they become broken as not only are they unsightly features to the room but as you could trip or fall over broken pieces, they are also a hazard to the room. It is important to remember that if a broken unit is beyond repair then you should replace the unit promptly.

Another way that you can go wrong with bathroom furniture is through having outdated units in the bathroom. Contemporary bathroom furniture trends sees modern styled units in stylish gloss finishes however if your furniture is decades old then it is likely it will carry an aged look to it that will instantly date your bathroom setting. Bulky furniture pieces that take on a practicality over style function will give any bathroom a drab look. Due to the rising popularity of bathroom furniture designs, there are countless options available that are elegantly styled yet maintain a level of practicality with generous storage space. By updating the bathroom with these contemporary units you will update the look of your bathroom too!

Finally, one of the most common ways of ruining the modern look of a bathroom is through selecting furniture on the basis of quantity over quality. While it can be said that adding bathroom furniture does bring interior design flair to the room, if you add too many units it can overwhelm the room and create a lacklustre and cramped environment. To solve this, opt for wall mounted units over freestanding pieces. Wall mounted furniture frees up any valuable floor space to maximise the size of the room while acting as statement pieces of furniture to complement the overall bathroom setting.

Installing Bathroom Cabinets, How to Avoid a DIY Disaster

If you are looking to maximise the space of your bathroom while tidying away any messy clutter, it is likely you will be thinking about adding a bathroom cabinet to the room. Associated with their handy internal storage space, bathroom cabinets are often installed on a wall in the bathroom, usually above the basin. As bathroom cabinets are fitted to the wall, it is important that they are installed correctly to avoid any DIY disasters later on.
If bathroom cabinets are not installed correctly, there are a number of things that could happen to the unit. If you don’t take into account the weight of a cabinet, including what items are stored within, this could result in the cabinet leaning or falling off the wall. A cabinet that falls off the wall is not only a safety hazard in the room but can also cause paintwork or tiles to be ripped off the wall along with the cabinet. Another example of a DIY nightmare when installing bathroom cabinets is that the unit could start to slide to one side. When a unit begins to slide, this is all down to the fact that it wasn’t positioned evenly when it was first installed.
To correctly install bathroom cabinets – and avoid those risky DIY disasters too – here is a guide that you should follow:
1) Use your stud finder to locate where the wall studs are, as these will ease installation. Mark these areas lightly with a pencil as a guide.
2) Take a spirit level and draw a horizontal line below where the cabinet will be fitted to act as a guide when fitting the cabinet later.
3) Drill a hole into each corner of the cabinet. Always remember to wear safety glasses and gloves when drilling.
4) Lift the cabinet into place, if you need any additional help ask someone to help you with this. Then take a spirit level to ensure the cabinet is evenly positioned.
5) Take a pencil and mark the wall to indicate where each screw will need to be placed in the wall.
6) Remove the cabinet and drill these indicated holes in the wall.
7) Take the cabinet again and align it with these drilled holes, again asking for help if you require it. Use a screwdriver to fix the cabinet to the wall.
8) Once you are confident that the cabinet is level and secure, you can begin filling the cabinet with your everyday essentials. Remember to check the manufacturer’s guidelines as to the maximum weight of products that can be stored within.

Bring interior design flair to the bathroom with quirky bathroom cabinets

When you want to revamp your bathroom you may think that you need to refurbish the entire room to give it a fresh new look. However, one way you can easily give your bathroom a new lease of life is through adding statement pieces of furniture to the room. Adding quirky designer bathroom cabinet is a great way of giving the room an instant make-over and the good thing about cabinets is that they are quite an inexpensive addition to the bathroom.
As bathroom cabinets are installed above the basin, they really act as a centrepiece to the entire bathroom and effortlessly set the tone of your decor. Most bathroom cabinets follow the conventional design of a minimalist unit, usually in a white finish with a hinged door to open. However, with the rising popularity of bathroom furniture trends, there are now various options that you can choose from in both bold and traditional designs alike.
By choosing a cabinet with a quirky design you are instantly making a statement with the decor of your bathroom, and such a statement is sure to bring a sense of individuality to the room.
Quirky cabinets can take many different forms, one example is cabinets in a bright colour. Cabinets in a vibrant hue will inject a pop of colour into the bathroom. Bright cabinets work particularly well against a white backdrop for a sophisticated contrasting shade of colour. If you do choose a bright bathroom cabinet, it is important to keep the rest of the bathroom’s decor fairly neutral with only a couple of complementing coloured accessories as otherwise you could overwhelm the bathroom’s space.
Another way of injecting an element of individuality is through choosing printed bathroom cabinets. Printed cabinets are a great option for those who really want the bathroom to reflect their own sense of style as there are so many different prints that you could choose. Cabinets with monochrome printed doors will bring a sophisticated vibe to the bathroom while cabinets in quirky prints such as a Union Jack motif or a vintage floral montage are perfect for showing off an individual decorative taste.
For those who favour a more subtle sense of decor, you can choose cabinets that maintain a traditional look yet have a subdued colour or print to show off a level of quirkiness too. This can be achieved through buying cabinets in a hushed colour or simply using your DIY skills to decorate a cabinet yourself. By stencilling a motif on the side of a cabinet, you have created a subtly quirky cabinet but with all the elegance of a traditional piece.