Terrific Taps

As all my friends will know I am a little bit obsessed  with taps, the different styles, sizes, colours and materials just make them very appealing to me so I felt it was only right to dedicate one of my blog pages to

I love this cute little bird tap, ideal for the garden. This tap is what you would expect to find in a very nice restaurant, no problem getting the kids to wash their hands with a tap like this.

This retro tap is ideal for making your bathroom a little different, the funky tiles really enhance the style of this tap. Looks more like a blow torch than a tap, it certainly caught my eye.

This tap is pure quality and style, perfect for a master bathroom. This traditional tap is perfect for a outdoor space, by your pond or bird table.

I just love this tap, perfect for adding interest to a small downstairs toilet.These are simple yet very eye catching, you can get them in a range of other colours to suit your preference and style.

Simple and stylish, the way the water flows out is just stunning. Perfect for indoors or outdoors.

Love the style of this tap, a great addition to any bathroom. This tap is great for a modern living space.


  1. Ooh, love the old fashioned looking black one!

  2. Thanks Rin, so many amazing taps out there I think every house should have at least one amazing tap :)

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