DIY Projects

If you are anything like me you will have a whole heap of things pinned to a board on Pinterest titled 'Things I WILL make' and if you are anything like me as yet you will have made nearly nothing from this board.... okay nothing from this board... oh except the cake... I did make the cake! So here is a list of projects I would like to make at some point, please comment and help me decide which great idea to make first and I promise I will make something before spring... okay... before fall :)

This is great for indoors or outdoors, I thought I could make little ones with the children for their bedroom doors and a big one for the gate outside with our house name on it.

This is just adorable, I saw this before Valentines day but sadly forgot to make the tags, they could be used for a birthday party, maybe for name tags so everyone knew who's cup was who's.

I have seen these candle tea cups everywhere, I saw them in my local department store for £10 each... def something to make, I am going to start looking for old cups and teapots at vintage fairs and car boots sales, they are so adorable and I know they would make a great gift too!

The button letter would be ideal for my daughters bedroom, I have heaps of buttons in the craft box so again this is something I would really like to make with her.

I love the idea of the heart maps, you pick your favorite places in the world and then put them each in a heart, great for us travelers who have sooo many favorite places.

 There really is no excuse for not making these, all I need is a newspaper, a pair of scissors and a little patience...

I just adore the book box idea I just can't bring myself to cut up any books of my own, again this will have to be a trip to the local charity shop or car boot to pick up some old books.

The pen holder looks fab, I just need to find a piece of wood in the garage, also I cant imagine my children would keep the pencils in there for long, maybe this is one for my pencils and my desk only! 

 For all of us who love to make cushions I am sure we have heaps of cut offs of material which we could easily make into these cute little fish, I know the cat would love one and they would look adorable hung on a door handle.

I have been obsessed with this teapot light ever since I saw it, I NEED to make one and at the moment this is my favorite to make but I know it would take a lot of time and patience compared to some of the other projects on my list.Please visit my Pinterest to see the rest of the projects I would like to make and please vote and help me decide what to make, thanks for reading :) 


  1. I vote for the heartmaps! Can't wait to see what you decide.

  2. Ooh I made something similar to the heart maps for my in-law's anniversary gift but cut the maps into house shapes and the maps were the three towns that they had lived in during their marriage, it turned out great! Definitely do the heart maps and the button letter with your daughter :)

  3. I vote for heartmaps. I've been wanting to make them for my family for awhile, but the military keeps moving us, so I feel it would be incomplete if I made a sentimental one and then we moved again.

  4. The tea pot lamp! If it's something you can't stop thinking about get on it whilst your in the mood for a making things! Otherwise I have a penchant for buttons so maybe the letter? I basically want you to make everything, report back so I know which is easier haha!

  5. Thanks for all your wonderful comments :) I really appreciate your opinions!
    I love the heart map, this seems to be the favorite so far :)
    Cassie - That sounds fab that you did it with houses, what a lovely gift I bet they were really pleased! Maria maybe you need to make one and leave spaces for additional maps :) Thanks Emma, I will have to let you know how they go. Thanks so much for the comments...Xxx

  6. I love all the wonderful ideas here. Thanks so much for sharing them, Helen!

  7. Thank you for your kind comments Denyse, now all I need to do is find the time to make them with my Children! :) xx