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Simple Star and Dinosaur Shaped Scones

On Monday evening my eldest announced that there was a bake sale at school the following day and asked what we were making. I quickly glanced at a letter I had stuck on the fridge which, yes, did in fact state in LARGE  font  that the children would be having a lunch time bake sale on Tuesday 29th to raise money for the church – panic, I had no eggs and the shops would all be shut (worst mother in the world alert). I turned to my daughter who looked horrified at the thought that she would be the ONLY child not with cakes the following day. We had a little dig around in the baking draw (every house needs one) and decided that dinosaur and star shaped scones would be perfect for the bake sale (and they are super quick and easy to make!)

We got all of the ingredients out of the baking draw before making suitable dough; we then rolled flat and started cutting our shapes! A quick brush of milk and one very messy kitchen later the scones were ready for the oven.

We waited 12 minutes (just enough time for me to do the washing up and remove stray butter and flour from the floor) then they were ready to remove from the oven.
We managed to wait at least 3 minutes before we spread some lovely home made jam on them (courtesy of my neighbour Jill!) and there we had it, delicious home made super simple scones. Do let me know your simple cakes suggestions J

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