Bathroom Style

Retro style

I have just written a post on retro style for one of my friends Cassie Fairy (you should check out her blog its fab for retro ideas) and I just had to share some of the fantastic images with you, I hope you like them as much as I do, it takes me back to how my house used to be before we updated it, as much as I love retro some of it just had to go, enjoy!

Bathroom style for 2013

This week I planned to write a lovely long post on bathroom style for 2013 for you all but I have been a little busier than expected with paper work and emails which have built up over my wonderful two week Christmas break – sigh! Anyway I did not want to completing neglect the blog so here are just a few great bathrooms for you to admire - enjoy the eye candy!!

A feature mirror is a great way to add interest to a bathroom no matter the size or style.

The large glass shower cubicle adds elegance to this otherwise simple bathroom. Creating a wet room is great for adding a shower to a otherwise small bathroom.

 Freestanding taps are going to get more and more popular in 2013, they are great if you have the space.

 Bathroom Style

Here is just a small selection of inspirational bathrooms I have discovered, with just a few key pieces, a little imagination and lots of hard work you too can create the bathroom of your dreams.


  1. Love the retro look in bathrooms. Good selection of photos

  2. Thanks so much for your comment, the images are mainly from 'Houzz' which is a great site you must check it out :)

  3. What kind of sink is that in the first photo?

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