Friday, 7 October 2011

What’s your ideal bathroom style?

We all have unique personal tastes. Although people like me spend a lot of our time talking about design trends, I really believe that no one should decorate or renovate their home based purely on a current trend or trends – it’s asking for trouble. Trends are popular for a reason, but they’re fast paced and your home isn’t going to be redecorated several times a year. So don’t slavishly follow an anonymous designer’s ideas – tweak the look or mix a couple of trends to create a look you love.

Your perfect bathroom depends on a range of factors, not least sourcing that ideal bathroom furniture. Whether you choose to go for fitted or freestanding, period or contemporary, you’ll need to do some research to find out what’s available at the right price for you. You’ll also need either a vivid imagination or a competent 3D bathroom designer to help you visualise the end result.

One way to be sure that your new bathroom scheme will be fully coordinated is to pick out bathroom furniture from one single range, and choose accessories which are marketed by the supplier as complementary. But this is rather a clinical way to approach home design: if you choose items because you really love them, chances are you’ll love the way they look together too – and you’ll avoid ending up with an identikit bathroom. Bathroom furniture is an excellent choice, as it will give you a lot of storage space – perfect for hiding away your clutter to ensure a minimalist finish in your bathing space. Choose a theme and try to carry it to its logical conclusion: if you love curves, then opt for bow-fronted units and curved taps; a quadrant shower and roll top bath – similarly shaped fittings will complement each other.

Wall hung bathroom furniture will work well in a small bathroom, adding a sense of space and ensuring there’s no visible clutter to distract you from the clean lines and spa-like ambience of your lovely new room. Add mirrored cabinets or reflective tile to enhance the feeling of light and space in a small bathroom.

Freestanding bathroom furniture, such as a washstand with a vessel basin and a large freestanding bath, can be paired with fitted items that invoke a sensation of space, such as a walk in shower, to great effect. Stacking baskets for storage, rugs for a touch of luxury, a capacious laundry basket in one corner and an easy chair in the other, will complete an opulent look in a larger bathroom.

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