Monday, 3 September 2012

Searching For Style in the Sales

The August bank holiday weekend means the same thing to many of us; end of summer sales. So now is the time to get out and about, or searching around the web, to find your next home improvement bargains while you can.
There are so many different sales available at present as new styles and ranges are introduced by bathroom design companies and suppliers, so this a really exciting time of year to begin planning and plotting your new-look bathroom. You know, the one you’ve been promising yourself and putting off for years!

Planning a new bathroom can be a daunting prospect; it can feel like a marathon task. But remember, there are a few quick and easy options to give your bathroom a new lease of life without needing a JCB or a million pound budget. The key to any new design project is to plan carefully and thoroughly. What are your specific requirements and needs? What are your limitations regarding space and budget?

So, those and quick and easy options I mentioned. Well, make sure you’re giving yourself a good foundation on which to build. A new coat of paint in a fresh, bright white and some new or cleaned up grouting and sealant will take years off the appearance of any bathroom. An easy and cost-effective starting point to get the ball rolling.

Next, examine your furnishings. Are they still functioning correctly and in an acceptable state of repair? If so, there may be no immediate need to install a new basin or bath. However, a great way to update the feel of your bathroom furnishings, to make your bathroom appear more modern and stylish, is to install new taps and wastes (plug-hole covers). There are a huge number of models and styles available, so you will be able to find a design that you love for a price you can afford. Modern taps can add real glamour to a bathroom, and you should usually be able to install them into your existing tap-holes, but be sure to check all relevant dimensions beforehand. New taps will also usually come with guarantees of quality and a longer life-span than older models.

One of my absolute favourite bathroom design ideas of recent years has been the reintroduction of cabinets and furniture to the bathroom. Bathroom furniture designers and suppliers have rediscovered the practical and stylistic applications of bathroom furniture, and suddenly hundreds of new combinations of designs, finishes and materials have become available.

A few well-selected storage units, such as a vanity unit built in beneath a basin, or a stand-alone rack of shelving will instantly help de-clutter and streamline your bathroom. This will allow you to keep your essential bottles and supplies whilst retaining a calm, peaceful and clean appearance.

With such a variety of high quality and affordable bathroom furniture now available, the best option is to have a good luck at a number of different styles and finishes, from painted woods to natural finishes, then cross reference your preferred models with your sizing requirements. This really is a wonderful way to transform your bathroom, to simultaneously add storage space and style.

Happy Hunting!

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