Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Small Bathroom Ideas

I get asked a lot of the time by my friends how they can make the most of their small bathroom space, just because you have to compromise on size does not mean you have to compromise on style. One of the most efficient ways to use the space to it's full potential is by using a bathroom suite that fits your bathroom. Traditionally  basins and toilets were large and took up half the bathrooms space but now with the clever invention of wall hung toilets and vanity basins (that double up as storage space) we can still get everything we would like in our bathroom and also still have room to manoeuvre. Another great idea is to remove your bathtub and replace it with a walk in shower, this increases floor space and with many of us having more than one bathtub in the house it is much more efficient to use the space for a shower. Remember to use fresh bright colours as dark colours with make your bathroom feel much smaller, I hope you have found these tips useful and enjoy the images below for small bathroom ideas.


  1. They may be small but having those designs, I don't seemed to mind how small my bathroom at all!

  2. I totally agree Diane, you can make so much of your space these days all it takes is a little imagination, research (aka browsing Pinterest & Houzz for hours) and hard work and you can create the bathroom you have always wanted! :)

  3. It is wonderful and great bathroom. The Tiles or Flooring Design are so attractive deferentially people love this type of bathroom or homes.
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