Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Creating a wet-room

Bathroom Wet-rooms have risen in popularity in the last couple of years with more and more people opting to convert their conventional family bathrooms into one which a tiled area thus creating a wet-room. In theory any home can create a wet-room but there are certain factors to consider before making the change. 


If you are converting your large family bathroom them a wet-room is ideal, the tiled area will more than contain the water flow from your shower, if how ever you are converting a smaller bathroom you may need to use a shower screen to prevent water from escaping, the last thing you want it a wet hall way or landing.


If you like me are lucky enough to have a clever husband who can tile your bathroom then count yourself lucky as a professional can be costly. You will need to create a gradient so that the water flows effectively towards the drainage area, if you do not create an effect gradient you may have problems with excess water laying on the tiles. The most popular method is to install a sub-floor made from Plywood which can then easily be tiled over.


Although your tiles will be waterproof it is important to prime the floor before tiling commences to make sure any gaps and cracks do not allow water to seep through the tiled area.

Once you have dealt with the boring bits you can focus on the pretty new bathroom you have created, choose a large shower head and bathroom accessories to really give your bathroom the WOW factor, I have picked a few of my favourite wet-rooms, let me know what you think and I hope you found this blog post useful!


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  2. Some great ideas there, i would also recommend using Tile backer board when you are building wet rooms, helps with tiling.