Monday, 26 March 2012

Aid your Spring Clean with Bathroom Furniture

Well, after a couple of busy months away from blogging (I will start being a more consistent blogger soon, I promise!) the sunny weather has got me thinking about the start of spring and with it comes the dreaded spring clean.

If you’re anything like me, the prospect of commencing that essential household spring clean is somewhat of a daunting task! Cleaning out all of that clutter and giving the room a general nip and tuck is what I habitually do every year – although actually getting started with the spring clean is a mission in itself!

However, this year I have a solution to my spring cleaning woes and it is all down to effectively using bathroom furniture. Now, you may think when I say ‘bathroom furniture’ that I am implying the ‘bathroom basics’ such as the toilet and basin but what I am talking about here is storage furniture.

There is such a wide selection of different furniture available such as bathroom cabinets, shelving units and storage drawers etc. This year I will be investing in a variety of different pieces of furniture as I really think that their space-saving abilities will make my yearly spring clean go a lot smoother. Plus with the various different designed cabinets such as wood finished to modern stainless steel cabinets, they add a stylish element to the bathroom too.

One major problem with any bathroom (and I am no stranger to this either!) is the level of clutter that can accumulate. Just think of your own bathroom, all of those bath oils, lotions, face creams etc – as you purchase more and more, they can easily become messily cluttered around the basin and this really doesn’t help a quick morning routine when you are trying to hunt down your daily essential products.

My advice to anyone who has fallen victim to bathroom clutter is to invest in a bathroom cabinet. They are an ideal purchase as they house a selection of shelves that are perfect for hiding all of your products away out of sight.

For those who find that they simply have too many products to fill a bathroom cabinet then there are some great tall bathroom cabinets available that you can easily fit into any spare space in the bathroom and their selection of drawers and shelves will easily hide away any clutter.

Once all of the clutter is neatly tidied away then it is on to my yearly routine of scrubbing, preening and cleaning every nook and cranny of the bathroom - however I don’t think that there is simple solution out there for this I’m afraid!


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