Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Keep it Simple with the Minimalist Bathroom Trend

It is no secret that the bathroom is the calm and tranquil hub of any household. Even if your morning bathroom routine borders on the chaotic by sharing a cramped family bathroom and fighting for the toothpaste (sound familiar here?) you still want your bathroom to retain a sense of calmness for those chilled-out evening soaks in the tub.

Luckily, one of the newest bathroom trends keeps calmness and relaxation firmly in mind – introducing minimalist design.

Giving your bathroom that minimalist make-over is certain to inject interior design flair into the room as well as that all-important soothing level of calm – an essential for any bathroom I’d say! The key elements that make up this design trend are very easy to introduce into any existing bathroom setting and the main thing to consider is simply keep it simple!

Rather than choosing garish wallpapering or bold colours, the appeal of the minimalist trend is that colours are subdued and neutral – hence its calm presence. So abandon any fussy bright painted walls in favour of soft ivory painted walls and for extra design flair, add a solo tiled feature using natural stone tiles for that muted contrast of colours.

Once the walls are taken care of, the minimalist trend can be extended with matching window blinds, towels and any bathroom accessories.

 A great thing about the minimalist trend is that it is purely decorative, meaning that you don’t have to refurbish your existing bathroom with a modern designer bath suite to pull off the look. Any contemporary or traditionally styled suite will be perfectly complemented by the simple and fuss-free minimalist look.

However, for those who want to continue the trend beyond a simple lick of paint, there are plenty of ways of adding extra elements of decor to the trend.

 If you are looking to refresh your existing bath suite, you could install new taps. Choose taps that follow a consistent yet minimal design, this can be through choosing the same taps throughout the bathroom or simply ones with a similar design such as smooth curved taps.

 Another way of bringing a consistent theme to the bathroom is though use of bathroom furniture. Storage units will not only add to the minimalistic theme through tidying away any messy clutter but if you choose matching pieces in a warm or neutral colour then you have consistent pieces that will perfectly complement the simple look of the entire bathroom.

 Once complete, add candles and prepare to unwind from any daily stresses in the ultimate relaxation setting!

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