Monday, 17 September 2012

Light versus Dark: The Wooden Bathroom Furniture Debate

In my day to day work, it’s really important that I stay on top of all the latest trends and developments in bathroom design. Fortunately I love nothing more than exploring all the weird and wonderful, chic and cutting edge style ideas from around the world.

One idea that started gaining traction a couple of years ago and then went from strength to strength is installing bathroom furniture as a solution to the storage problems created be the minimalist décor that has been so popular in recent years.

While bathrooms with minimal furnishings and a stripped back design can look really stylish and modern, we do all tend to accumulate cosmetics and toiletries over time that require somewhere to go. The resurgent popularity of bathroom cabinetry has provided a timely and image-conscious solution to this problem.
Fitted furniture around your bathroom is the least intrusive way to create storage space without losing too much floor area. A fitted vanity unit beneath your basin, a vanity connecting both basin and toilet, or wall-hung cabinets will provide ample space to stow away all of your daily essentials, whilst only occupying space that would ordinarily go unused.

New bathroom furniture manufacturing techniques have meant that the variety of available styles and finishes is increasing hugely year on year. Should you wish to keep your current wall colours or overall décor, then you will be able to find furniture to perfectly complement it. Alternatively, if the budget and desire, then creating a new bathroom design, based around a few key pieces of quality furniture is a great way to refresh the look and feel of your bathroom.

Where finish is concerned, one the most popular and stylistically powerful options is natural wood tones. As many bathrooms in the UK are not blessed with generous dimensions, many people opt for light or walls to increase the sensation of light and space in their bathrooms. To help to reinforce this effect with furniture, lighter natural tones, such as oak and pine, can keep your bathroom feeling light and airy, whilst adding some much needed texture and warmth to what can appear to be a slightly sterile environment at times.

To head in the opposite direction though, can be just as rewarding. Dark woods, such as walnut or wenge, will bring an air of rich solidity to your bathroom. Bold, darker hues will lend a luxurious air and a feeling of permanence to your bathroom design. Of course, laminate and coloured finishes are available as well, and you always have the option to personalise your bathroom furniture once it is installed, with stencilling or sanding to create a distressed antique finish.

The options and variations are endless, so the key is to research and plan thoroughly and to learn what it is that you truly want to achieve from your bathroom. You can make it happen, so start clicking through your options!


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