Monday, 24 September 2012

Examining Modern Bathroom Safety Features

Whether you’re a family with young children, someone will limited mobility or simply someone looking for peace of mind, we all want to know that our homes are safe and secure environments in which we needn’t worry about accidental injuries or unanticipated dangers. To examine the domestic bathroom, let’s have a look at some of the modern safety features that make it a safer place than it has ever been before.

Modern shower can now be purchased with thermostatic temperature controls, which mean that you can manipulate the temperature and flow rate of your shower with accuracy and assurance. Ceramic disc technology in modern taps and mixers also means that they are easier to operate, more efficient and longer lasting than ever before. Anti-scald mechanisms can also now be installed that ensure that your water cannot go over a certain temperature: Ideal for households with young children.

Toilet seats, of course, have been able to have child-proof catches on them for several years now, but new soft-close toilets mean that no small child need risk trapping their fingers again. A similar idea is soft-close doors and drawers incorporated into bathroom furniture: The final inch or so of the closing area will slowly roll itself shut, eliminating the possibility of an accidental slam.

Replacing your bathroom mirror with a mirrored cabinet not only makes good sense for storage and organisational purposes, but provides somewhere to store any medicines and supplements out of the reach of curious young fingers.

Fitted bathroom furniture another great storage option, has a couple of key safety benefits other than soft-close doors. As fitted units, there is no possibility of the furniture falling over or collapsing, and nature of the design will mean that plumbing and pipework is covered up, preventing any accidental contact with hot pipes.

Of course in shower-baths and wet rooms it is essential to have some sort of non-slip flooring in place. Adhesive strips attached to the floor, or a secure mat should be sufficient, but you also have the option of installing grab bars and a shower seat if the shower will be used by anyone who may have trouble standing unassisted for extended periods.

With all of these technological developments in bathroom safety, there does not need to be cause for concern any longer. And the best part is that these changes have all been made with the overall aesthetic of the bathroom in mind, so you can now have a safe, secure, easy to use bathroom, that hasn’t had to sacrifice style over function in any way.

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