Monday, 3 December 2012

Getting Ready for Christmas: The Importance of a Great Looking Bathroom

With most of us about to expect hordes of visitors over the next month it is vital that the bathroom not only impresses but is somewhere for us to be proud of. We all demand peak performance, coupled with a relaxing and inviting environment. We ask a lot of our bathrooms, but in order to really enjoy them, it’s vital that they not only perform to the highest standards, but are pleasant and comfortable place to be as well. It’s about creating a balance of form and function, and here’s how to go about it.

Firstly, a deep clean and fresh coat of paint will give you a solid foundation upon which to build, as will replacing any tile grouting or waterproof sealant, this is inexpensive and will transform your bathroom almost instantly. Next, in order to maintain a calm and organised bathroom, without toiletries, cosmetics and cleaning products being left out to distract attention and detract from your d├ęcor, some bathroom furniture is a must. Just two or three units in a matching finish will provide you with ample storage capacity and ensure that you can keep your surfaces clear and tidy. A fitted vanity unit, a wall-mounted cabinet and a freestanding Tallboy will lend your bathroom a thought-out, designed feel and make your bathroom feel like an extension of your living space, rather than a simply functional addition to your home.

Bathroom furniture designers are releasing new styles and finishes every week, but a furniture set in a matching natural wood finish will create the most dramatic and high value impression. An illuminated bathroom mirror will help to enhance the sensation of light and space in your bathroom, as well as creating a focal modern design feature for your bathroom, and it will also help to offset the fact that your new bathroom furniture will be taking up some space. This way you can achieve a balance of practicality and design.

A heated chrome towel rail in place of a radiator is another wonderful upgrade that will lend a real contemporary flair to your bathroom design, as ensure that your bathroom is cosy and comfortable and that you have access to warm, dry towels whenever you need them.

By adopting these ideas into your own bathroom, you will create a room that functions to high standards, is eminently practical, and yet makes use of all of the best aspects of contemporary design. With only a few weeks and till the big day it would be wise to pick a couple of options from this list and leave the rest until the new year, I hope you have found these tips useful and please feel free to send me some photos of your bathroom improvements, I always love to receive them.

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