Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Key Furniture Purchases to Transform Your Bathroom

I was talking to a friend the other day who wants to revitalise her master bathroom and was asking for a few tips to lessen the stress of a full scale renovation. Changing the entire layout of a bathroom can seem like a mammoth undertaking, so we came up with a few ways for her to give her busy family bathroom a new lease of life without having to take out a second mortgage or invite a full building crew into her home.

With the resurgent popularity of bathroom furniture, after a decade of sparse minimalism being the prevailing bathroom fashion, there are now more options than ever to upgrade your bathroom without stripping everything out and starting again. If your bathroom suite is still in working order, just give it a good scrub and leave it where it is. Then perhaps a fresh coat of white or pastel paint and replacing any grouting and waterproof sealant (for just a few pounds) and you’re ready to start exploring some furniture options.

Fitted furniture can be a great place to begin your bathroom revamp, as it is deliberately designed to be unobtrusive, fitting snugly as it does around round existing furniture positions. A fitted basin vanity unit will allow you to clear basin area of the assorted cosmetics and toiletries that tend to accumulate over time. All of these daily essentials will be neatly stored away, contributing to a much more peaceful appearance in your bathroom, whilst still remaining readily accessible.

Freestanding units can be another solution that is both highly effective and quick to install. A tall, narrow ‘tallboy’ shelving unit is designed to provide the maximum possible internal storage capacity for the minimum occupation of floor space. In busy family bathrooms these units can be great for storing surplus supplies, or you could try giving each family member their own shelf, so that everyone knows where their own personal toiletries are stored.

Upgrading your bathroom mirror to a mirrored, wall-mounted cabinet can also provide extra storage. They can also be a great place to store any medicines or supplements safely out of reach in family bathrooms. This, again, is a furniture option that won’t intrude into the room or occupy too much extra space.

A bathroom revamp can be achieved without enormous outlay and by simply choosing to install just a few carefully selected furniture items. Have a click around and find out what might work best for you. A bathroom upgrade of this kind will add modern style, oodles of extra storage and keep that busy family bathroom calm, uncluttered and stress free.

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