Friday, 14 December 2012

Picking The Christmas Tree

As a child the Christmas tree was always put up by my parents on the first weekend in December. I would always be allowed to help pick the tree with my brother and chose a new decoration from the garden centre each year. This meant each year we always had a lovely time putting up the tree talking about which year we had picked previous decorations and reliving the excitement of when we had slected our new decoration. This was something I was keen to do with my children so now every year we do the same, go to the garden centre, pick the tree and select one (or two!) new decoration each.  I am not one of these people who likes the tree to be colour coordinated, I like the tree to have personality and be an almost diary of past Christmases with a selection of different colours, shapes and edible treats to see.

So last night (much later than previous years) we went to the local garden centre and picked out our tree, making sure it was the correct height, correct shape and most importantly could be squeezed into the car – it was certainly a squeeze but well worth the cramped car journey home although I’m not sure the dog would agree!!

It looks fantastic but not enough decorations on it yet.  I always place our tree in front of the window so the lights will reflect against the glass creating an area of light in the living room.  We will get the many boxes of decorations out of the loft tonight and continue Christmas tree decorating tomorrow – I can’t wait as for me it signifies the start of Christmas. 

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  1. Everything looks beautiful!! And there is a gorgeous kitty-in-a-box!! I'm in love!!