Thursday, 14 February 2013

Valentines Day

For many of us we see Valentines Day as a commercial ploy to take our money and we resent the fact that for this one day we are forced to tell our love ones that we ‘Love them’. Well if you’re anything like me you tell you’re nearest and dearest that you love them everyday and really don’t require a certain day reminding you to do it. Having said that, I just love any excuse to make cakes and buy my favourite people presents, I was very spoilt this morning with some beautiful flowers from my wonderful hubby so I for one am not moaning about today one bit. Here are a few of my favourite valentines gifts for this year, enjoy your day everyone <3

 Treat yourself to a lovely relaxing bath this evening, add some rose petals for that extra touch!

 Lovely flowers from my hubby, it nice to spoil your loved ones.

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